Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Malaysian dance
Dance forms in Malaysia are also diverse like the music of country. The country boasts of numerous traditional dance forms. Some of the popular traditional dance forms are Joget, Inang, Silat, Shadow Plays and Datun Julud. Joget is a traditional dance form that is generally accompanied by flute and dance, Inang is a Malay folk dance performed in front of royal guests. Other performing arts include Shadow Plays performed to commemorate special occasions like marriage and birth. Silat is a form of martial art but then, it is also considered as a performing art since it is accompanied by drums and gongs and performed during weddings and other noteworthy occasions. The Datun Julud is another traditional dance form, which enjoys popularity in Sarawak. This form of dance exemplifies the age-old tradition of storytelling in dance and narrates the story of the happiness of a prince when blessed with a grandson. 
So if you are planning to tour the country of Malaysia, do not forget to check out the music and dance of the country; it will help you to have a clear understanding of the culture of the country.
 Sarawak have many kinds of traditional dances,such as ;

Bidayuh - Tolak Bala
This dance is performed prior to harvest, as a way to seek blessing for good harvest and protection to the community against evil spirits.

Bidayuh - Langgi Julang
This dance is performed by Bidayuh men on a julang, or brass tray, accompanied by Bidayuh maidens, when a new village chief is selected.

Orang Ulu - Datun Julud
This is a welcome dance performed by the Orang Ulu maidens to welcome guests to their longhouse.

Orang Ulu - Kanjet Ngeleput
This is a warrior dance. It portrays the numble but stealthy gait of the warrior as he conducts a hunting trip in the jungle. He sees his target, takes aim and shoots a dart that seldom misses the mark.

Melanau - Tarian Menyak
This dance showcases the community work of the Melanau as they process sago, for making sago pearls.

Melanau - Alu-Alu
This dance is performed during funeral rites as a way to comfort the relatives and friends of the departed.

Malay - Senandong Sarawak
This dance combines two popular Malay dances - the Dayang Sari followed by the ever-popular joget.

Malay - Tarian Royong
This is a modern dance depicting the playfulness of the Malay youth after a hard day's work.

Iban - Ngajat Lesong
Ngajat Lesong is performed by an Iban warrior who demonstrates the extraordinary strength of his teeth by lifting a mortar that weigh around 20 kg. This dance shows the warrior's agility as well as endurance.

Iban - Ngajat Pahlawan
This dance is performed by the village folk to welcome the return of their warriors especially after a victorious battle.

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